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BB, ST, MG, FT, BC, RL, SL, BBQ, BRB, TTYS - Eeek what does it mean?! This should help.

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BB, ST, MG, FT, BC, RL, SL, BBQ, BRB, TTYS - Eeek what does it mean?! This should help.

Post by Steve-O v2.00 on Mon Apr 13, 2015 5:20 pm

I thought this might be a good place to put a little cheat sheet of all these crazy abbreviations we tend to use while discussing bases and attacks in Boom Beach. Although in general i am not a fan of using constant abbreviations, with the horrible chat window in Boom Beach, we are left with little choice. As soon as my "initiation" period has passed and I'm allowed to post links, i will post the source of this material at the bottom, so feel free to go there for a more detailed list, i chose to pick out what i felt would be most important, trying to keep it simple enough to find what you might be looking for. Please let me know if you think anything should be changed and i will update this post.

I would like to add though, if it is possible, i think its nice to write things out sometimes, especially since we have a LOT of newbies on our team, and we don't want them to feel left out.

Boombeach - BB
Headquaters - HQ

Support Buildings
Landing Craft - LC/LCS
Gunboat - GB

Defensive Buildings
Sniper Tower - ST
Machine Gun - MG
Mortar -
Cannon - C
Flamethrower - FT
Boom Cannon - BC
Rocket Launcher - RL
Shock Launcher - SL

Troop combinations
Heavy, zooka - Hooka
Rifleman, zooka, medic - RZM
Rifleman, zooka - Rooka
Rifleman, heavy, zooka - Rhooka
Tanks, medic - Tmed
Smoke, warrior - swarrior / Smokey Warriors
Scorchers - Scorchers

Gunboat abillities
Artillery - Art
Flare - Flare
Medkit - MK
Shockbomb - Shock
Barrage - Barr
Smokescreen - Smoke

Life (Green) - Resource production: Gold, Iron, Wood, Stone, ALL
Ice (Blue) - Defense: Building Health, and defensive building damage
Magma (Red) - Offense: Troop Health and Troop damage
Dark (Purple) - Gunboat energy, power stone chance and Resource Reward Boost

Reference and credit:
Steve-O v2.00

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