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quantum 101

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quantum 101

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 29, 2015 11:43 pm

beaten in two attacks on 29/04/2015 by Bernd and Sula

much gbe on left. some clusters with rl, st and ft. near the core on left some clusters with bc.

attack 1:
tmed. 15 tanks lvl 15 and 12 medics lvl 11
flanking far left. gbe to take down 2rl touching. taken out by gbe only. then approaching 3rl cluster, medics heal taken out by tanks. then aiming for bcs, ft, st and eventually taken down by bc, leaving a dent on left.

attack 2:
hooka. 22 heavies lvl 19 and 31 zooka lvl 20.
flanking left. collecting gbe near bc, shocking those. constantly shocking bc while approaching it and taking bc clusters out. approaching pc from 10oclock. heavies die due to rl from right side but zooka are out of reach

take down.

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