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About Kicking day...

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About Kicking day...

Post by oooo on Tue Jun 23, 2015 11:39 pm

So I was thinking here and there about kicking day, and something Bernd said.

Ultimately, I completely and utterly agree that rules are made, and if we don't kick people for breaking them it's far worse in the long run.

However, I also think keeping morale up is very important. Especially along the lines of what Doc was saying in terms of keeping heavy hitters. We need a good, positive group, that isn't driven by fear; rather, driven by being good.

So, is there any way to cap the amount of kicks per Saturday? For example, pretend there were 4 people under then intel cut. So having already chatted/warned the four of them, if 2 don't respond or don't seem to care then they get kicked, and the other 2 get a one-day extension.

I really just wanted to throw this out here, and I haven't thought too hard about it. But it's the opposite of one quick cut, and it could extend the kicking to 2 days, but it gives people one more chance to catch up, and could create less disruption.

[Personally speaking, I like hard lines and hard rules and prefer the current enforcement regime... but, some percentage of the 50 people on the team probably see it as just a game, and might prefer some leniency... I don't konw, just throwing ideas out there]


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