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Post by Admin on Thu Mar 19, 2015 5:09 pm

Hi, don't know if this is going to work. Just thought I could write down a few hints on Boom Beach (the way I see it ... of course feel free to comment stuff)
This post is going to grow over the next weeks ...

Dr. Terror:

  • The Tropical Island is much smaller than the Volcano Base. So it is a good idea to attack Tropcal Island with Smokey Warriors. Volcano Base is rather for Troops or Tanks.
  • save your boosts for Dr. Terror events. Especially Dark Statues that give you extra loot.


  • boost ice statues if you have any
  • Hammerman does not use GBE so place all econ buildings in the way, so that they are attacked (and Hammerman is targeted by defences while tackling them)
  • all buildings close togther. mines near the shore
  • RL and SL must hit asap. But make sure, SL live until the last wave
  • ST not to far behind, they are good in taking out Grenadiers.


  • Always make sure, so gather some NPC/Player bases over the day and you have 1-2 hours spare time. Attack without getting offline and then spent your loot on your desired upgrade.
  • so don't attack several times a day but rather once a day for a longer time, is possible.
  • I recommend upgrading the defences on your island later than offences. Boom Beach is an attacking game. If you stick to the rule above it is ok to be raided and loose loot all the time.
  • so upgrade HQ,Armory,LC, Gunboat rather then Vaults, Defences. Don't go just for the offensive side though! But put emphasize on it.
  • Make sure to upgrade your storages in time. So always have a look what amount of loot you need for your desired upgrade.
  • Unless you are collecting loot for a specific upgrade I recommend always taking Diamonds or Stones as Daily/Operation Reward. Diamonds cannot be stolen and Stones are always good for new status or power powder


  • I recommend ignoring the life(green) statues once you have unlocked Dr. Terror. Then you can get a dark statue with extra loot and so a combo of Magma(red)/Dark is best.
  • towards the end of the game, when your troops and buildings are nearly maxed, it makes sense (to me) to get 2 ice Masterpieces. This way you can gather intel for the TF and extra Diamonds.

Good Combos:

  • In the early stages ( until lvl 30 ) the riflemen were my first choice. They are always good against single shot targets like Snipers, Boom Cannons ...
  • later you might switch to Hooka and or tanks. When Medics are available I recommend using them.
  • Towards the end of the game, great Combos are: Tanks+Scorchers. And Tanks and Grenadiers and Tanks and Medics.
  • Warriors are (to my mind) only good on their own. There are Bases especially Resource Bases that are way easier to beat with Smokey Warrios then anything else.
  • With Warriors, Tanks and Scorchers, make sure you have Gunboat Energy Statues!
  • If Buildings are very close together (where you go for Barrages) All Grenadiers is worth a try. They do quite an amount of splash damage. They are great if the first line of buildings are storages or residences! Because they are hopeless at aiming and will take some time destroying those buildings BUT meanwile weaken and destory many out of reach defences behind!


  • If you want to get easier opponents, place your HQ in front so that it is easy attackable. Make sure, you spend your loot before Wink This way, your vp decrease and you get easier opps.
  • Try to clear your map as far as possible. The possibilty of new spawns is highest if you have a clear map.
  • Hilarious tipp for Smokey Warriors: Send/Smoke your Warriors to the HQ. Have one boat of Heavies on stock. 5 Secs before the smoke vanishes and defences start firing your Warriors send those boat of Heavies. They will distract many offences! Shock offences and send medikits to your warriors and bob's your uncle.
  • If higher than lvl 50: Throughout the day when you don't have time I recommend you choose the combo which you are most comfortable with (RZM in my case) in do an attack each 2 hours if possible. Then in the morning or evening, when you have an hour of time to keep playing, I recommend Scancs (4-5 LC tanks 3-4 LC sorchers) to finish NPC and easy player bases (with boostet Power Stone Chance MP). Because with this combo you can finish bases without casualties and this way safe time and gold.


  • I prefer putting the HQ to the upper right corner and placing a SL behind it and surround it by short distance defences and boom mines. This is good against Warriors.
  • I recommend placing Boom Cannons, Shock Launchers and Rocket Launchers in a way that they cannot be shocked by one shock bomb! Try to have space between buildings so that barrages do not pay off.
  • If you have ice statues you may want to hide them behind trees. For an experienced players it is easy to see your defence boost but just scouting your defences though.


  • on youtube I recommend "nickatnyte" or "TeachBoomBeach", "Bootramp" or "Bentimm1". It is fun to watch these guys and you can learn a lot, they give you many hints.

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Bernds Boom Beach Corner Empty Re: Bernds Boom Beach Corner

Post by Scotch on Thu Mar 19, 2015 7:04 pm

Reversal is also an option, he is slightly nearer people's level

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Bernds Boom Beach Corner Empty Re: Bernds Boom Beach Corner

Post by Master Chief on Thu Mar 19, 2015 11:00 pm

Great info Bernd.....thanks for posting all of it.
Master Chief
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Bernds Boom Beach Corner Empty Re: Bernds Boom Beach Corner

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