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Anninetforces 2 : Policy

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Anninetforces 2 : Policy Empty Anninetforces 2 : Policy

Post by Steve-O v2.00 on Sat Apr 18, 2015 4:24 pm

* we are glad to have people from all over the world but in our chat we speak english

* we are polite and supportive, bullying, name-calling or hate may get you kicked without warning. Swearing should be kept at a minimum

* if anything goes wrong whatever it is, tell us in this forum or in the chat

* Officers don't just kick people, we try to communicate with them first. When we kick people, we leave a short message in the chat, so that people know why. Kicking is transparent!

* nobody will be kicked just because a higher level player is asking to join! If intel/attacking attendance and your behavior are ok, you are safe.

* nobody will be kicked because an attack goes wrong. But if you make the same errors over and over again, you might be.  If you do make a mistake, you will not be ridiculed for it, but please say something in chat about the mistake, and acknowledge if being talked to in chat.

* you might be kicked if you keep ignoring the notes that officers left.  If an officer tells you in chat to do something other than what is in the note, the word of the officer is stronger than the note.

* we always attack with all our landing crafts filled. You may be kicked if you fail to deploy all troops on multiple occasions.

* before we attack we read the last lines of the chat, and if possible, we watch the last attack on that base.  And we would prefer if you check the chat after your attack to see what was said about it (if anything) and to acknowledge any points shared.

* we never retreat (apart from left over medics (be VERY sure that only medics are left)). Every shot counts. If you retreat twice (without an explanation) you may be kicked.

* sabotage is gambling so we do not sabotage unless we have more than 950 intel on stock. Then we can use it to avoid the waste of intel because in BB 1000 intel seems to be the maximum. Abusing intel can lead to demotion.

* first come first serve. Anyone can attack at any time. But we follow the chat/notes. (since anyone can lose connection at any time, we should not wait too long for someone else to attack)

* we make a least 10 intel per week or we can be kicked. The "intel cut" is on saturdays at 18utc. (this info will be in our Task Force description ingame)

* you may be kicked if you miss 2 attacks in a row when your attack was needed.  There is no problem attacking early or late in the op, as long as we do attack if there's anything left to attack.

* having problems getting intel, holiday or being sick .. tell officers here or in the chat and leave an note in the forum.

* any officer can start a mission

* please do not continuously ask to be officer.  When we feel we need an officer, we will send a message to that person here.  If you want to be officer, act like one before you are promoted, be kind, helpful, and reliable.  Us officers watch the chat, so we know who act like an officer and who don't.  High vp/xp does not make you officer automatically!

* If officers do whatever would make a normal member being kicked, they are demoted but not kicked. After things have been sorted out, they might be promoted again.

* We prefer not to have silent members.  So please at least say hi occasionally in chat and maybe commend someone for an attack or welcome new members.

* we expect new players who just signed up to say hello in the chat. if after 24hrs there is no sign of life, no intel, no forum, no chat and the player is not linked to anyone else, any officer can kick him.

* this policy aims at making our TF work more transparent. It does not aim at increasing pressure on anyone. If you feel like that or have any questions or issues, please get in touch with an officer or leader.

*If you have any questions or issues regarding this policy, please let us know, no response from you will be taken as an agreement to all that is stated herein.
Steve-O v2.00
Steve-O v2.00

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Anninetforces 2 : Policy Empty New member application

Post by Mister B on Sat Jun 27, 2015 7:19 pm

Hello Annetforces! I'm not sure this post is in the correct thread, but it seemed to make sense to me. I am not currently a member of Annetforce or any of its subforces, but want to become a member. Specifically, I'm interrested in AnninetForces2, however, if you feel I'd mesh better in a different force I'm open to that as well.
First I have a quick question then I'll give a quick introduction/bio to give you more information to consider. My question is that AnnetForces2 has shown via the in-game "find task force" a requirement of 300 badges when the force is full (50/50), but when you have an opening (4x/50) that requirement bumps up to 400. I am simply a bit unclear on your requirements, and as I said above, I'm open to membership in another TF.
I'm an adult player, currently level 42 and have 301 badges. I had been a fairly defensive player up until about 2 months ago when I have gone much more offensive (always earning between 25 and 35 badges per week). Since going to a more offensive play style, I've bounced around between several task forces, but have left them all because of the same general reasons: lack of coordination and dead weight.
AnninetForces appeals to me because of your progression and because your TF notes always mention base notes. I always watch as many attacks on an operation base as possible before my attack so I can see any potential pitfalls. I currently attack for intel with tank lv7/ medic lv2, and attack operations most often with heavy lv14/ zooka lv14, but again, I am open to requirements of base notes. My other pertinent unit levels are as follows: Rifle lv8, War lv8, Artillery lv13, Barrage lv9.
Thank you for your consideration.


Mister B

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Anninetforces 2 : Policy Empty Re: Anninetforces 2 : Policy

Post by Green Beret on Mon Jun 29, 2015 12:57 pm

Hi Mister B,

I see you entered AF2 already so welcome to the party Smile.
This is a very solid and good TF. We are pretty easy-going but there are a couple of rules to keep things organized. The most important are - collect intel as hell , follow notes and try to attack daily.
Ah, and chat around Smile.
There always someone on the chat so feel free to ask whatever.

P.S. this probably isn't the best thread for introduction so officers fell free to move/delete this posts.

Green Beret

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Anninetforces 2 : Policy Empty Re: Anninetforces 2 : Policy

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