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crunch 90     Empty crunch 90

Post by Admin on Fri May 01, 2015 8:08 pm

base layout: many rl behind the core in 3 groups. in front clusters with cannons mg st and in th middle a sl

taken down in 3attacks on 01/05/2015

Bernd with 15 tanks lvl 15 and 12 medics lvl 11
flanking far right approaching rl from behind the core. when attacking the first rl cluster medics heal shoots by 2nd. managed to take out almost all rl.

Phantom with 29 warriors lvl 8
took down remaining 2rl with gbe. cleared mines in front of core with gbe. sent smokey warriors to the middle rl and took it down.

Absolute with 52 riflemen lvl 8 and 27 zookas lvl 11

entering right collecting some gbe. approaching a bc and cannon cluster at 2oclock, shocking it and taking all defenses down that mattered. approaching core from 12oclock with left over zookas.

take down. taking down sl in attack2 -maybe- was not necessary due to distance from core.

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