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Idea to Rush Axiom with Zookas

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Idea to Rush Axiom with Zookas Empty Idea to Rush Axiom with Zookas

Post by Commander on Sat May 02, 2015 12:41 am

Essentially, my idea is that we can beat Axiom within 2-4 attacks using all zookas. It would require high level players doing the attacks.

A video that my strategy is based off of is here:

As you can see, in that video, the Dead End version of Axiom is beat in one attack by a player with all zookas. Obviously, we do not have the same firepower as this person (he had 159 GBE and everything maxed), however, we can do essentially the same thing we did over multiple attacks. It IS necessary to have high GBE for each person, however. The general idea would be:

First/Second Attack: Attacker deploys zookas, smokes them all the way to the back where the Rocket Launchers are, just like in the video. Uses shocks to prevent rocket launchers and MGs from killing the zookas. The goal of the attack is to kill all three rocket launchers. If the attack does not succeed in destroyed all three rocket launchers, a second attack can be done to finish the job.

Second/Third/Fourth Attack: Attack from the right side, parallel to where the first attack was, basically in a straight line directly to the right of the Core. Once the zookas are at the back where the BC's and Cannons are, use a shock or two if gbe remains to help kill them. Once most of these are gone, hit core. Core should be destroyed relatively easily.

Theoretically, this could be done in just two attacks if the attackers had enough GBE and skill, however I don't expect this because it would be incredibly difficult to have a flawless smokey zooka attack.


- a pretty high level
- very good zookas
- good smokes and flares
- lots of GBE


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Idea to Rush Axiom with Zookas Empty Re: Idea to Rush Axiom with Zookas

Post by Admin on Wed May 06, 2015 11:58 am

just for you to know. i am maxed and all boosted my gbe is 152.
but i cannot boost all my statues for daily ops, i can do it say once a month maybe.

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