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Axiom 103 1/5/2015

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Axiom 103 1/5/2015 Empty Axiom 103 1/5/2015

Post by gumdrum on Sat May 02, 2015 7:32 am

(If a officer told you in chat "to do this," or some regards like that, please disregard some of my opinions. I just want AnninetForces to improve as a team.)

Base layout: Core located far back middle, surrounded by cannons, flamethrowers and directly east is a field of MG's. SL's placed east from the shore and below the core, plus 3 RL's located north west from the core. Middle area is BC's and Mortars scattered around the op, and MG's.

Taken down in 10 attacks

Attack 1 - DSMicheal
Used a total of 38 warriors, that were lvl 10 at the time. By using smokey warriors, Micheal's objective was to destroy the shore's RL. In order to achieve his goal, he grouped the small beast's on a Power Cell, for a smooth journey to the RL. Having a good first smoke, Micheal was proud of it, but didn't realize that is was about to run out, which costed him in the out come (which is completely normal, it happens to everyone). In the end, Micheal did a good half damage to the RL, with a 2 clutch artillery shot Smile. Nice!

Attack 2 - Starrman059
Used a total of 35 warriors, that were lvl 7 at the time. Trying to avenge his fallen brother, Star was devoted to end that RL's career. So he grouped his warriors on the same Power Cell that Micheal used, but with 2 smokes to be extra careful. Almost having the identical mess-up like Micheal, he miss timed the smokes when getting to the RL (please watch this video I think it will help a lot for why we're having this problem). In the end, the RL survived with 1/8 health. Good attempt man.

Attack 3 - Skarush
Using a total of 14 grenadiers, that were lvl 1 at the time. Finally ending that son of a gun RL with 3 artillery shots,(honesty, that RL should have been taken out in one attack, but we're all in this together, and we're just going to get better and better) we can progress to the core! By using the drunks, Skarush was safe from a distance , destroying the MG's and BB's. Having a little flare flop, he recoved by redirecting it to the shore, because of underestimating the power of MG's range, which later happened again towards the end of the attack. Master that range Skarush, and you'll be a god.

Attack 4 - shorty
Used a total of 32 zookas and 48 soldiers, that were 13:48 lvl's. By using the the tons of damage strat, shorty had a great impact on Axiom 103. He completely  wrecked the left side of the OP, with little to no flaws. Good Job Man!!

Attack 5 - amnp
Used a total of 42 warriors, that were lvl 13 at the time. Now that we're half way towards the core, we had to destroy to north west RL's. Noticing that the left side defensive's were gone, hey saved his GBE. Having a nice journey to the 3 RL's, he successfuly destroyed 2 out of the 3 RL, with a minor miss calculation with the smokes. But well done amnp!

Attack 6 - Sula_D
Used a total of 24 heavies and 31 zookas, having lvl's of 20:19 during the time. Finished the third RL, which almost opened the core. Throughout the attack, Sula executed the best attack for his situation. Shocks, Flares, smokes were on top. Great job Sula, keep it up, we're proud of you?

Attack 7 - Doc (Member)
Used a total of 16 heavies and 30 zookas, having lvl's of 17:16 during the time. Doing the same sort of deal of Sula, he did not that bad tbh. A few miscalculations of the mortar resulting some zookas dying because of the range, but still a good attack. I don't think I should say this, but the random Shock was probably a misclick, which happens all the time bro.

Attack 8 - Craigimus
Used a total of 8 heavies, 2 medics, and 24 zookas, having lvl's of 10:2:9 during the time. Hey I'm not trying to be rude, but destroying the 3 mortars right above the shore FT's, was not necessary, but it was the best attack that you can do in the situation, and I understand. Maybe you should attack later on when you know for a fact you can make a great impact. Great job Craig!

Attack 9 - rayes
Used a total of 10 tanks and 37 zookas, having lvl's of 9:4 during the time. Great attack to say the least. Destroying the mortars and MG's by the core, then heading straight for the sweet spot, giving the core little to no health. But in my opinion, I think you could of defeated Axiom with heavy zooka, or even all zookas. If you're confident with your shocks and flares, which you should be by now Smile, I bet you would've been able to end. Keep up the good work!

Attack 10 - Semperdoc
Used a total of 8 heavies and 43 zookas, having lvl's of 11:14 during the time. Flared to the core and boom! But I just want to say one thing.... the core had like no health, so wouldn't it be useful if your attack was used on a harder situation? Trust me bro, I used to be just like you and wanting the final blow in the op (best feeling ever!), and I feel I could be way useful on a different op. So maybe let like someone in the 30 to 35 range finish it off next time, and you might make a great impact on a different OP. You are useful man, don't get me wrong Smile.

OP conclusion: So in the end, we probably could have saved a few attacks in Axiom, due to some miscalculations (and please watch the video on the smokey warrior basics, it will really help in the ops). But great work guys, we came from a long way, now we here. #NeverForget


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