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thoughts on the last update

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thoughts on the last update Empty thoughts on the last update

Post by Admin on Wed May 13, 2015 12:14 pm

Just a quick note, please add your comments below.

I figured out that all the prototype defenses unlocked by the newest update encourage using troops (riflemen, Hooka) over tanks and scorchers.
Most defenses are deadly against tanks and scorchers but overwelmed by troops. Moreover with troops, you have more GBE left for taking down those.

I normally have 5LC tanks and 3LC scorchers, because with them i can take out any NPC base withouth loosing anything which saves rebuild time.
but ice statue player bases, especially when boosted up, are almost untakable wither with Scanks (Scorcher+Tanks) or with Tmed. But at least some of them i manage to take down with Hooka, Riflemen or of course Warriors.

I think SC did it as a counterpart to the "the scorchers are op" discussion. As a matter of fact, i am top 2500 worldwide and i can tell you my opponents are almost all boosted up most of them with 4-6 ice statues and for these bases scorchers defenitely are NOT op. And now with prototyp defenses unbeatable with anything on wheels.


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