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Defensive base design for better intel reward

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Defensive base design for better intel reward Empty Defensive base design for better intel reward

Post by MajorMeesh on Wed May 27, 2015 6:10 pm

With the intel cut increase, and the new Lvl-10 system likely in the near future, I know some people have concerns about making the new cuts. In chat there have been some discussions about designing base to get more intel from defense. I was recently surprised to get 2 intel from one incoming raid and sought some more info on how to do that more often.

I wanted to post a link here to a forum guide (on the Supercell forum, I think) on designing bases for better intel/diamond rewards, but unfortunately, I can't seem to track it down, if anyone knows the link to that guide, or any good guide for this, please share it here.

Meantime, here is an explanation of percent chance to get 2 intel from an incoming raid i.e. why good defensive base design is important for intel gathering: and a loooong comprehensive guide from Garat about base design in general. He doesn't get into as much detail as the other guide I saw about specific designs for gaining intel, but covers all things to consider in designing your base:

Perhaps members who have had successful defensive base designs for gaining intel can share tips in this thread. I know Havering Pish was sharing some tips in chat. Screen Shots of good intel gathering bases would be great too.

Note: Hope this is the right category for this tread. Seemed more applicable to tactics than general.

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Defensive base design for better intel reward Empty Re: Defensive base design for better intel reward

Post by Admin on Fri Jun 05, 2015 3:46 pm

I am happy to give a few general hints here. Quite a big share of how successul you are with your base depends on if you have ice statues. I decided to have 2 MP Building Health and Defence Damage (and sometime boost them).

Here are my hints:

make sure that key defenses are far apart from each other so that they cannot be shocked together! Key defenses are: RL, SL, BC and ProtoTypes. Sometimes it is unavoidable, just keep an eye on it. Make sure, buildings to not toch unless necessary for some reason.

Try to hide mines (behind statues). place MG, FT, Mortars near HQ to tackle down Riflemen, or warrior rushes (if possible)

DO NOT AIM AT setting up the perfect base there is no such thing! Even with boosted ice you can be beaten by Smokey Zookas or warrios rushes by (boosted) top players. Aim at trying to get intel/diamonds from most attacks. Smokey Zooka or warrior (when boosted) are undefendable imo. But it is possible to defend tanks/scorcher attacks (unless they are heavily boosted): Try to place Boom Cannons and Doom Cannons in a way that they are not flankable and the attacker has to deal with all of them. Do not place them near shore. It is better when the attacker faces those buildings when he is short of GBE already.


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