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Machina and Sour Grapes

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Machina and Sour Grapes Empty Machina and Sour Grapes

Post by Jared600 on Tue Jun 09, 2015 4:15 pm

Hopefully it will be awhile before we get this one again, but if not, some thoughts of mine:

It is great that people want to help and get their attacks in. With that in mind though, look at the attacks on the same before that have been performed prior to yours.  See how the person attacked, see if anything went wrong and if so, what it was. Early on, we had a lot of Hooka attacks that basically only amounted to the artillery and barrage damage from gunboats.  The Hookas were taken out in 3 seconds by all of the rocket launchers.  I can't understand why people continued to use the same strategy that continuously failed.  I get that you wanted to do your attack and help.  Just step back and think. It may be that you have focused on only Hooka upgrades because that is the troop type you use.  Understandable. Look at the attacks that were a little successful too though.  If you don't believe your troops are strong enough to be effective in that type of attack, you may want to think about holding off until a certain type of defense or cluster of defenses are down.

Just trying to put out some constructive criticism so we can grow as a group. It may be better to wait a little longer to attack so that your attack can be more effective for the entire task force.  For the few extremely low levels, think about possible using GBE to take out mines and boom mines on a base where smokey warrior or Zookas will be used to prevent some deaths on a player that does use this.

It's all a learning and growing experience and I am having a blast experiencing it all with you guys.


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Machina and Sour Grapes Empty Re: Machina and Sour Grapes

Post by Master Chief on Thu Jun 11, 2015 4:18 am

Good info Jared...definitely helps to review previous attacks- I know I do even for simple ideas like flare locations....tough base for sure.
Master Chief
Master Chief

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Machina and Sour Grapes Empty Re: Machina and Sour Grapes

Post by Rplotnikov on Sun Jun 14, 2015 6:59 pm

as an extremely low level, I used to think to take out mines with my be and even troops. Found it ineffective.

Can't say about Machina@SG, but mostly my low level is good to take out heavily damaged, but survived RL/SL/BC. Discussion is not over, I'm listening.


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Machina and Sour Grapes Empty Re: Machina and Sour Grapes

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