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Headquarters breakdown

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Headquarters breakdown Empty Headquarters breakdown

Post by Jared600 on Sun Jun 14, 2015 1:20 pm

Here is the list of the amount of people at different HQ levels:

HQ 11: 1
HQ 12: 1
HQ 13: 3
HQ 14: 6
HQ 15: 11
HQ 16: 20
HQ 17: 3
HQ 18: 2
HQ 19: 1
HQ 20: 2

So all but a handful have access to smokey warriors


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Headquarters breakdown Empty Re: Headquarters breakdown

Post by oooo on Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:34 am

So. Contrary to what your parents told you.... ITS TIME TO START SMOKING!

Smoke everything people. Smoke Zookas - when they uncover it takes 1 second before an incredible amount of damage is unleashed. They will fire BEFORE a boom cannon. Also, when you smoke/flare them directly beside an RL, they all bunch up inside it's blind spot... YES you've read correctly people: ZOOKAS ARE AN RL KILLER!

Smoke Tanks for fun. Smoke Riflemen into sneaky places and unleash damage by the second.

I personally enjoy smoking grenadiers behind people's stupid front-loaded defences, blowing up their economy buildings for fun, and then pulverizing their HQ from the unprotected rear.

Medics... they went to doctor school and don't smoke very well...


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