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Getting more intel

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Getting more intel Empty Getting more intel

Post by Cozy on Sun Jun 14, 2015 5:38 pm

Ok i seem to be having a problem keeping up on intel. Im level 35, 200 vp. I attack daily but dont recieve the intel. Radar is lvl 13 also. Can someone please check out my setup maybe im playing wrong. Oh and i never get attacked either. Just a tip or two would be helpful. By the way i enjoy the anninet forces. Thanks for the help


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Getting more intel Empty Re: Getting more intel

Post by Despicable P@ul on Sun Jun 14, 2015 10:40 pm

Just had a look at your base and it's quite intimidating for your VP level. My VP's a 100 higher than yours n my defenses are weaker. I get attacked plenty. Looks count when people scout your base n a level 11 machine gun looks huge beside a level 8. The only guns I've upgraded a lot are the snipers cos they don't change their look too much. I suggest you attack anything that moves on your map n stop upgrading your defenses. Spend all your resources on your landing level 12 that's an extra trrop on board whether you're using heavies, zookas, tanks or riflemen. Just my opinion, others are available.

Despicable P@ul

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Getting more intel Empty Re: Getting more intel

Post by oooo on Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:28 am

I've been having similar trouble. I spent 2 months only upgrading my defenses and refining the layout for maximum raid repellent... trouble is, no more free intel. so I actually moved things into a less optimal place. My idea (And it has worked) is that if my base has the second best layout, people will attack, but I'll still kill a bunch of their troops. My VP goes down, intel up and it's all good.

The other thing I've started doing is logging off with a fair bit of resources. I figure if people see a "challenging" base with crap reward, no attacks. So, now I have a "semi-challenging" base and when people scout me I have a decent amount of loot for them. Be tactical though. When I need to do a big upgrade then I'm selfish, but if something is going to take 12h, and it's a terror day, I get all his loot and just leave it.
The last idea I've been doing is keeping LOTS of gold around. Again, as a lure to make attacking me worthwhile. I've been getting a lot of OP rewards of gold, and my troops take 1.5-2 days to upgrade. So in the meantime I just keep $1.5m on-hand and get attacked more. For me, gold is easy to get lately [I've just jinxed it...]

Anyway, that's what Ive been doing since I'm in the same boat.


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Getting more intel Empty Re: Getting more intel

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