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If you leave the force, PLEASE ATTACK FIRST

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If you leave the force, PLEASE ATTACK FIRST Empty If you leave the force, PLEASE ATTACK FIRST

Post by Steve-O v2.00 on Sun Jun 21, 2015 6:09 pm

We are sorry to see anyone leave, but we understand that there may be various reasons for doing so. But please..please be a good teammate and attack in the current op before leaving.

The ops are chosen according to the players we currently have, so when you leave without attacking, it really makes things hard for the rest of the team.

We would prefer for you to make a full on attack, but if for whatever reason you cannot, then please at least use all your gbe on whatever appropriate target that is mentioned in the notes. It will cost you just a couple thousand in gold, which i think we all have laying around Smile
Steve-O v2.00
Steve-O v2.00

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