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5 or 10 man squad tf?

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5 or 10 man squad tf? Empty 5 or 10 man squad tf?

Post by AoLubu on Tue Jul 07, 2015 9:22 pm

Hey all. I am still new (one week in) with Anninet forces. I am currently in AF4.

After about a week I have grown to appreciate the organization and dedication of a large core of Anninet players. My question is this- Why do we not have a 5 or 10 man squad?

I ask because while I like AF4 a lot I think my heart may be set on a 100% active and dedicated 5 or 10 member squad. I am going to stay in AF4 for another week and to see what our esteemed leader can do with the fairly distinct proportion of low intel gatherers. To put it in perspective I have not attacked in 48 hours until today (VP problems) and still have the lead in intel (last I checked). I know a large part of this is just luck of the draw. But some of it had to be to group activity.

I think the core of AF4 are the best bunch of guys I've played with in BB. And that is a very honest assessment.



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