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Bernd Kuhlen

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Bernd Kuhlen Empty Bernd Kuhlen

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 08, 2015 2:36 pm

Hi my name is Bernd. I started playing to the game quite early end 2013 i guess it was and got totally obsessed by it. Unfortunately I only have restricted time (like many grown ups) with a job and two children, my normal online time is around 21 utc for 1-2 hours. Over the day I check up on the forum and very shortly on the chat as well.

I live in Troisdorf (near Bonn) Germany and work at WetterOnline a meteorological service provider with a (in Germany) well known internet website and mobile apps as well.

I started with a mid/high level TF "beerboximus" but when discussions about behaviour and contribution to a TF started there i found out that despite my officer status i could not really take influence. So i wanted to build something myself, the small amount of diamonds that I get less now day by day does not matter to me and I dont need the resources either, whenever i clean my map (once a day) there are enough resources to do an upgrade :-)

My hope is, that we have a core of 30+ people in the TF who stick together as long as possible. If success (in terms of ranking) comes to our TF that's fine but that's not the most important thing to me. The only thing i want to get rid off are inactive, lazy people, don't want them in this TF.

Whenever something comes across you are not happy about, please get in touch by pm and let's sort out stuff.
Great having you here, i appreciate your work.

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Bernd Kuhlen Empty Re: Bernd Kuhlen

Post by Emrahkoca on Wed Apr 08, 2015 10:29 am

thymidine we're doing operations in .High place is very nice. very good income. friends nice friendly warm environment.


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