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Post by Admin on Mon Mar 16, 2015 2:39 pm

i use this threat to make up a new page for advertising when we seek new members.
Of course everybody can make suggestions here Smile

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Post by Admin on Mon Mar 16, 2015 2:40 pm

AnninetForces #JJLQVQY founded in February 2015
New Ad Page for Screen10

What we are:
* a highly active TF, making 150-200 intel per day (March 2015)
* starting a new op every at 0utc (Upper Lip or higher, March 2015)
* discussing tactics and sharing hints in chat or preferred in our forum at
* deciding democratically on important stuff like which op to choose or which officer to elect, that's is why we use a forum
* keeping track on players attacking attendance, that's why we run a google spread cheet to get rid of inactive players
* friendly, politely and supportive. If you are away for some time or are offline for different reasons, tell us and you won't be kicked.
* our members are spread over all continents, someone is online always.

What we expect:
* we expect you to sign up to our forum and check for private messages at least twice per week
* make at least 8 intel, preferably more
* If you miss an attack, tell us before if possible but definitely afterwards so that we know you are reliable and not inactive
* you follow the base notes on the maps
* you read our policy and follow it or get in touch if you want to discuss things, we are democratic.
* you take 2min per day to check the current chat, maybe someone wants to speak to you.
* officers update our attacking sheet, give tactical hints and advertise our TF. VP/XP is secondary
* to become a top 500 TF by the end of 2015

What we do not do:
* we do not kick people just because a better player is ready to join.
* we do not just kick. we try to get in touch with people who are about to being kicked. that is why logging in to our forum twice a week is needed.
* we do not kick people for bad attacks as long as they follow our base notes.
* we do not retreat in attacks apart from saving some left over medics.
* we do not make playing Boom Beach a second job. There are over ambitious TFs out there where members have to attack at a specific time or just have to obey orders given by officers and leaders or people are kicked just because they did not succeed in an attack. As long as you make intel, be chatty and follow base notes you are very welcome here.

Whenever there are free spots, get in touch by our forum or here.

Posts : 444
Join date : 2015-02-26
Age : 46

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