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machina 106 6/5/2015

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machina 106 6/5/2015 Empty machina 106 6/5/2015

Post by gumdrum on Thu May 07, 2015 8:31 am

Base layout: Cell is located on the east side of the op surrounded by RL's, C's, BC's and one SL plus a ST. Defensive's are on the shore.

Attack 1: captain awesome
30 warriors lvl 7
A warrior rush to the core's SL, by using 6 smokes in order to get there. Then shocked 3 RL's, which followed by the SL being destroyed.

Attack 2: addys raiders
41 warriors lvl 9
Warrior rush to a group of 4 RL's south of the core. Had to use 6 smokes in order to get there. Took down 2 RL's out of the 4, by using 2 shocks on a group of RL's and BC's.

Attack 3: rich
50 warriors lvl 14
Used GBE to take down the 2 wounded RL's (2 barrages, 4 artillery). Had to used 7 smokes in order to get to the 3 remaining RL's by the core, some warriors were wounded during the process. Shocked a group of BC's, followed by taking down the 2 out of 3 RL's.

Attack 4: Master Chief
40 zookas lvl 16, 39 rifleman lvl 11
Finished the third RL with a barrage, followed by using 5 smokes to get to the south west side of the core (troops were killed during the process). By using one shock, managed to destroy 4 BC's and 2 C's by the core. ST was still an issue for the sweet spot, but had a nice clutch zooka able to do about 2 minutes of damage to the core.

Attack 5: 50000tears
12 heavies lvl 15, 36 zookas lvl 13
Used a total of 7 smokes in order for the troops to reach the west side of the core (some were killed in the journey). Destroyed the only ST by the core, then discovers a nice sweet spot for the zookas.

Take down (overall, great warrior attacks guys! We need that in order to reach the top ranks.)


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