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Written on sleepless night

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Written on sleepless night Empty Written on sleepless night

Post by Rplotnikov on Wed Jun 17, 2015 1:37 am

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was an imaginary task force that worked kinda like that.

1. Basics.
1.1. The task force is based on principles of fun, mutual respect, collaboration, and enjoying the game.
1.2. The task force runs operations 24/7. Every operation starts at 18:00 UTC sharp.
1.3. Operation is started by respective Officer-In-Chief according to the Weekly Plan of Operations. If by 17:55 UTC there's not enough Intel to start the scheduled operation, the highest possible operation should be started instead.

2. Leader.
2.1. The Leader is the guardian of the task force, its heart, soul, and conscience. The Leader decides whom to live and whom to die. The Leader advises and judges. The Leader is subject to report only to Bernd.
2.2. The Leader promotes and demotes Officers, accepts and kicks out Members.
2.3. The Leader manages the Officers Team, which includes:
2.3.1. Weekly Plan of Operations (WPOP).
2.3.2. Weekly Schedule of Officers-In-Chief (WSOC).
2.3.3. Setup and maintenance of tracking spreadsheets or other information  systems.
2.4. The Leader can resign at any time. For a greater good, resigning Leader can appoint a replacement candidate, who should be approved or declined by Bernd.
2.5. The Leader has all rights and responsibilities of an Officer.

3. Officers.
3.1. There are two Officers who are assigned as Officers-In-Chief for every given day accordingly to WSOC.
3.2. The Officer-In-Chief has to be online and in the game chat on the day of their duty no later than at 17:50 UTC (the 1st check-in).
3.3. Within next 10 minutes the Officer-In-Chief:
3.3.1. Confirmes their readiness to the previous Officer-In-Chief;
3.3.2. Verifies that the other Officer-In-Chief is also online and available;
3.3.3. Agrees with the other Officer-In-Chief on responsibilities during the duty day;
3.3.4. By 17:55 UTC determines the amount of Intel and next operation;
3.3.5. At 18:00 UTC starts an operation.
3.4. By 18:10 UTC the Officers-In-Chief write base notes.
3.5. During their duty day, the Officers-In-Chief are welcome to be as much online as possible.
3.6. The Officers-In-Chief have to be online and in game chat next day by 17:30 UTC (the 2nd check-in). As the operation comes to its end, the Officers-In-Chief must do their best to successfully complete it. If the operation has already been completed, the 2nd check-in is rescheduled to 17:50 UTC.
3.7. In the case when the next shift of Officers-In-Chief doesn't show up by 17:50 UTC, the current shift must complete all duties on starting the next operation including base notes, then communicate the situation to the Leader.
3.8. Within 12 hours from the operation's end (the sooner the better), the Officer-In-Chief fills the tracking spreadsheet with operation name, its status of completeness, gained force points, and all Member's attack statuses. The Officer-In-Chief can also put notes on extraordinary attacks, whether they were good or bad.
3.9. All Officers are welcome to help to Officers-In-Chief, including editing base notes along to the progress of operation. However, in case of an argument the Officer-In-Chief has the privilege to decide.
3.10. The Officer has all rights and responsibilities of a Member.

4. Members.
4.1. In order to stay in the task force, the Member has to meet the following criteria:
4.1.1. Get 20 Intel per week by Saturday 18:00 UTC;
4.1.2. Miss no more than 2 incompleted operations per week;
4.1.3. Never retreat, except medics;
4.1.4. Be friendly and active;
4.1.5. Attack wisely.
4.2. A wise attack means:
4.2.1. To read the base notes just before you're about to attack, and to remember that Officers edit base notes while operation evolves;
4.2.2. To read at least 30 minutes of chat before your attack;
4.3.3. To stay in chat for at least 5 minutes  after your attack for possible feedback;
4.3.4. Not to attack between 18:00 and 18:10 UTC, as it's the time for the Officers-In-Chief to decide on strategy and put base notes. Only Officers-In-Chief can attack during this time if they wish to.

Does this have a right to live?


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